Writer’s Digest – A+

My Professional Editing Professor gave us an assignment recently that required us to pick up several magazines and compare them in terms of graphic design. I proceeded to go to one of several magazine stands in Grand Central and randomly look around for interesting magazines, or ones that caught my eye. The magazines I picked up were Pink, The New Republic, Foreign Policy, and Writer’s Digest.

Writers Digest is a hidden gem. Anyone who is interested in writing or in publishing should make a point to pick it up, if not regularly, at least occasionally. In this month’s issue (December 2007) I found their articles on blogs (which inspired this blog, and reccomended this site) , several writing prompts, and advice on how to get published.

For anyone in my position, interested in going into publishing, these articles can help you pick up on things that people submerged in the industry forget aren’t common knowledge. In particular I really enjoyed the quiz Writer’s Digest had on page 79, “Do You Know How to Ask for a Raise?” I also found the article “Proceed with Caution” very interesting, it discusses the usage of swear words in fiction.

I’ll leave you with a quote Writer’s Digest had on page 15, “I’m a little obsessive about grammer. I always thought the band should be called The Whom.” – Scott Roeben.

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