E-books? What else is new

Any one who follows electronics or publishing is probably aware that Amazon recently launched it’s new e-book reader, Kindle, designed to compete with the Sony e-book reading device.

According to Publisher’s Weekly Kindle’s main advantage is that through a deal with Amazon and Sprint the device uses Sprint’s wireless network to download e-books directly from Amazon’s website. If you want to check the review out for yourself (it seems a little biased in favor of the new device, which all the attendees of its release received for free) click here.

In my opinion however, the Sony device still has one big advantage: its much better looking. The Amazon Kindle looks like a space-age device, directly off of a flying saucer, or out of an episode of star trek; not like a device you would want to pull out on the subway. Meanwhile, the Sony E-book reader looks more like most of the other hand held devices out there – and is $100 cheaper.

Being able to download your books on the go is definitely an advantage; but personally I’m going to wait for a device with the best of both worlds, that also has the advantage of a more nature look and feel. A device designed to remind me of an actual book would certainly be more pleasing to the eye; something with the e-ink technology of Sony, plus the search feature and the ability to download books anywhere that Kindle offers, but that also doesn’t cost half the price of a new computer. With the trend up and running it’s just a matter of time until someone else comes out with one, and perhaps this person will bother to read the reviews already out there for the other two devices.

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