Repost – Ebook Vs. Paper

I came across this recently and thought it was worth reposting here. Note: THIS IS AN EXCERPT, REPOSTED; for the original, click HERE.

One useful flip test consists of mentally switching the order of appearance of a new technology and an existing one.  At a conference years back I was sitting on a panel that was asked to talk about future of the book.  As the discussion was heating up about the inevitability of the electric media, someone on the panel (I wish it had been me) proposed a flip test.  He said  “Let’s say the world has only e-books, then someone introduces this technology called ‘paper.’  It’s cheap, portable, lasts essentially forever, and requires no batteries.  You can’t write over it once it’s been written on, but you buy more very cheaply.  Wouldn’t that technology come to dominate the market?”  It’s fair to say that comment changed the direction of the panel.

I think that looking at things from this slightly different perspective is interesting. It allows us to disregard some of our personal prejudices, whether you feel eBooks will eventually surpass paper as the standard media or not. From an ebook will P.O.V: suddenly you see the potential of paper. From a paper P.O.V.: suddenly you see where eBooks may provide additional services, that paper can not.
As the name of the test suggests, the flip test turns everything on it’s head.

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2 Comments on “Repost – Ebook Vs. Paper”

  1. horses for courses, paper is more personal where as ebooks are easy to store… one things for sure advancement in computers and windows makes some old ebooks unreadable where 😉

  2. freddy Says:

    a quality reading always come from a good book that you read every day before going to bed

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