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Yesterday I did an interview for Business on B2B publishing, how I got here, and where I see the industry going. Check out the post on their website: for the full interview… below is an excerpt. As assistant editor of the US title Pet Business, what do you think B2B publishers can do more of to exploit the changes and opportunities online?

“Anytime someone is looking at online options, the first question should be : What are you offering that people will want to come to your site for?

If you do not consider this, then you will launch a site, it will get no traffic, and you’ll have wasted your money.

Many B2B publishers are posting their magazines in a digital format on their website (I will actually be writing my thesis on digital magazines). I think this is a logical step for B2B publications, because B2B business plans are set up so that profit comes from advertising and subscriptions are free. I think publishers have to be careful with this option, however because after spending some time looking at digital magazines (if you’d like an example, or both have some) I’m not sure if they are very read-able; if retailers and readers are not spending the same time with digital versions that they would with a printed product it will have a negative impact on the effect of the advertising in the magazine. Regardless, for the time being, there is a perceived value for advertisers in being in an electronic edition. Because advertises perceive it as worth-while, it can increase a publishers profits, justifying a serious online presence.”

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