Can’t we all just be friends?

As a advocate of digital media, I wanted to stand up for ebooks and digital magazines. Before you think I’m unloyal to print products, I don’t necessarily think they need to compete – I think they can serve different needs in our everyday lives, and that there is a place for both digital and print products. I think like so many other things, new technology and the printed word are at opposite ends of a pendulum, and right now it is swinging toward digital, but eventually it will settle in the middle.

Book publishers worried that paperbacks, which rose during the last serious economic downturn, would eliminate hardcover books. Instead of replacing hardcover books, we have seen them become another format — one that is released later and costs less, making books more accessible to the average person, and more limited budgets.

While I think consumers won’t allow ebooks to just be released as a third stage at a lower price point and at a later date, I do think that they will settle into their own role.  For example, it might work to release them with hardcover books at a hardcover price, then when the paperback is released reduce the electronic version’s price to match the price of the paperback, then finally as a third stage, reach a digital price that would actually cost less then either print version. (Of course, this isn’t likely to be what happens, anything could happen – only time will tell). This method, however, allows them to be used as a tool to promote a publishers ‘backlist’ which of course, wouldn’t be a backlist at all. I think the price of these digital only editions will need to be VERY low, however, if it is to become a viable consumer product.

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