My Bright Idea

I’m hoping to launch a new blog later this year. It will be a women’s networking blog for young professional women. I’m hoping to do a soft launch in Dec. with a big launch in May 2010 (when college graduates enter the workforce).  The target demographic would be women who are about to graduate college and those who have recently graduated. Men have the ole boys club – the blog would offer the advice guys get by backslapping in a version for young women. I’m enlisting a bunch of friends as writers, and hope to set it up almost as an online magazine.

I want to launch my own site, and host it on mozilla’s ftp site (registering a website costs aprox. $10 – you can host it from a free ftp site, like the one mozilla offers). I’m researching how to profit from advertisers now – I have several companies in mind who would be perfect; but I’m not sure if I’d rather use something like Google’s adsense, or if it’d be better to do it myself. I have to read through the contract for adsense, and see if I can do a little bit of both.

The blog will include advice on how to do things like : start your own business (creating a business plan, getting a business license, etc), building a professional network (attending events, finding events, volunteering so you can attend for free), working on a resume, cover letter, etc, finding an apartment (what to look for, how to bargain about price, what the deal is with utilities), managing a personal budget, and MAYBE even some basic recipe info (though I don’t have a writer for this yet, so we’ll see…). I’m going to try and do all the things I mentioned above about getting it out there, and see what if I can build a good solid reader base.

From there, I’d eventually like to launch a digital magazine (see – and if that went well, maybe create a print magazine styled slightly after Pink Magazine (which has a magazine with a similar idea, for an older, more professionally established demographic – people who are a stage later in life then my audience).

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3 Comments on “My Bright Idea”

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  2. capullins Says:

    I read your idea on the folio network and also on your blog regarding a digital magazine. My comment is that I would not email a PDF, however, if you really want to handle it that way depending on the size I would utilize a site like some that the document is hosted on the yousendit site (7 days only) and a link to the site is sent to the recipient. The only problem is that yousendit is sometimes seen as “junkmail”.

    Secondly, I started my magazine with bluetoad which has gone up in price in the past six months. I am not sure how many pages you are planning to use for your magazine, but at 2.50/page it can get a bit pricey and that is if you don’t want their assistance. So, I use It is free, provides a dashboard with stats, etc. The only drawback is that the document can only be 500 pages or 100 mb max. For now…it works for me.

    • mbreau Says:

      Thanks for the info about – I’ll check it out. And the idea has come quite a ways since my post on folio: I’m actually working on a thesis on creating profitable digital magazines, so I no longer thing that a emailed pdf is a good idea, as easy as that would have been to do. I’ve actually changed the model quite a bit, and decided that appealing to select audience but not limiting myself to that audience would be a much smarter model. It’s hard enough to general page views sometimes …. Thanks so much for you interest, and I’d love to hear more about the magazine you launched on …

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