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Newspaper Project

March 7, 2008

I recently had the opportunity to act a project manager for the production of a 21 page newspaper. The paper, a project for my Writing for the Media Class, involved coordinating 7 classmates, who were each editor of their own section and responsible for submitting 2-3 stories for each other’s sections.

The majority of the students in our group were international students; we wanted to use this to our advantage so we choose to write a paper targeted towards the international base on Manhattanville’s campus.

My group choose me to be the project manger; I was responsible for setting deadlines for the project, which we had a little under 2 weeks to complete. As part of the group, I was also responsible for generating 3 articles of my own.

Our first group meeting we decided on sections, designated who would edit each section, and began to generate article ideas. The next meeting we came up with our title: Beyond Boarders. We discussed layout and decided on the number of columns, etc. For ideas we turned to the campus paper, The Touchstone, and looked at the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

Publishing the paper did not go as smoothly as we might have hoped. It took quite a bit of force feeding on my part to make everyone meet their deadlines.

In addition to being project manager, I was responsible for the layout of the paper. I created the paper in Quark Xpress. The final paper is attached below; it takes a long time to download since it is so long, but in the end it came out really well and the project got an A.

Beyond Borders